irregularWords etiketine sahip kayıtlar gösteriliyor. Tüm kayıtları göster
irregularWords etiketine sahip kayıtlar gösteriliyor. Tüm kayıtları göster

Irregular Words

Same at Three Tenses:

  • cost - cost - cost
The new coat costs $45. 

The new coat cost $45 last week. 

The coat has cost $45 since last month.
  • cut - cut - cut
The cook usually cuts the meat. 

The cook cut the meat one hour ago. 

The cook has just cut the meat into small pieces.
  • hit - hit - hit
  • hurt - hurt- hurt
  • let- let - let
  • put - put - put
  • read - read - read
  • set - set - set
  • shut - shut -shut

Same at present and past tense

  • beat - beat - beaten

Same at present and perfect tense

  • become became become
Many people become U.S. citizens every year. 
My sister became a U.S. citizen last month. 
My sister has just become a U.S. citizen.
  • come came come
Fadumo comes to class early every morning. 

Fadumo came to class early yesterday morning. 

Fadumo has come to class early since September.
  • run ran run

    Same at past and perfect tense

    • bring brought brought
    We bring our books to class every night. 

    We brought our books to class last night. 

    We have brought our books to class since last fall.
    • build built built
    • burn burnt/burned burnt / burned
    • buy bought bought
    They buy a new car every summer. 

    They bought a new car last summer. 

    They have just bought a new car.
    • catch caught caught
    The boy always catches the ball. 

    The boy caught the ball yesterday. 

    The boy has caught the ball for three hours

    • deal dealt dealt
    • dig dug dug
    • dream dreamt / dreamed dreamt / dreamed
    • feed fed fed 
    • feel felt felt
    • fight fought fought
    • find found found
    • get got got / gotten 
    • have had had 
    • hear heard heard
    • hold held held
    • keep kept kept
    • lead led led
    • learn learnt / learned learnt / learned
    • leave left left 
    • lend lent lent
    • light lit lit 
    • lose lost lost
    • make made made
    • mean meant meant
    • meet met met
    • pay paid paid
    • say said said
    • sell sold sold 
    • send sent sent
    • shine shone shone
    • shoot shot shot
    • sit sat sat 
    • sleep slept slept 
    • smell smelt/smelled smelt / smelled
    • spend spent spent
    • spill spilt / spilled spilt / spilled 
    • stand stood stood 
    • sting stung stung
    • teach taught taught 
    • tell told told
    • think thought thought
    • understand understood understood 
    • win won won  

    Different at three tenses

    • be was, were been
    I am in class now. 
    I was in class yesterday. 
    I have been in class since 6:30pm.
    • begin began begun
    We begin class at 8:30am every day. 

    We began class at 8:30am yesterday 

    We have just begun class. 

    • bite bit bitten 
    Some dogs bite people 

    A dog bit a man yesterday. 

    Those dogs have bitten people a few times.
    • blow blew blown 
    The dishwasher usually breaks a couple of glasses. 

    The dishwasher broke a couple of glasses today. 

    The dishwasher has broken three glasses this week.
    • break broke broken
    • choose chose chosen
    You choose to take ESL classes. 

    You chose to take classes at this school last month. 

    You have already chosen to take classes at this school.
    • do did done 
    You do your laundry every weekend. 

    You did your laundry last weekend. 

    You have done your laundry every weekend since you moved to Minnesota
    • draw drew drawn 
    The young girl draws a picture in class 

    The young girl drew a beautiful picture last week. 

    The young girl has drawn many pictures.
    • drink drank drunk 
    I drink orange juice for breakfast every morning. 

    I drank orange juice for breakfast yesterday. 

    I have drunk orange juice for many years.
    • drive drove driven 
    • eat ate eaten 
    • fall fell fallen 
    • fly flew flown 
    • forget forgot forgotten 
    • forgive forgave forgiven 
    • freeze froze frozen 
    • get got got / gotten 
    • give gave given 
    • go went gone / been 
    • grow grew grown
    • hide hid hidden
    • know knew known
    • lie lay lain
    • ride rode ridden 
    • ring rang rung 
    • rise rose risen
    • see saw seen
    • shake shook shaken
    • show showed shown
    • sing sang sung 
    • speak spoke spoken 
    • steal stole stolen
    • swim swam swum 
    • take took taken 
    • tear tore torn
    • throw threw thrown
    • wake woke woken 
    • wear wore worn 
    • write wrote written

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