Yazılım Geliştiricileri İçin Yazılım Mimarlığı - Simon Brown

Yazılım mimarı olmak isteyen yazılım geliştiricileri için Simon Brown tarafından yazılmış kitap. Dili sade ve akıcı.

Yazarın visualising software architecture kitabı da mevcut fakat ilk kitap benim için yeterli oldu.

Kitaptan alıntılar :

"Teknik liderlik, bir rütbe değil bir roldür."

"Most of the best software architects I know have a software development background, but for some reason many organisations don’t see this as a part of the software architecture role. Being a “hands-on software architect” doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to get involved in the day-to-day coding tasks, but it does mean that you’re continuously engaged in the delivery, actively helping to lead and shape it. Having said that, why shouldn’t the day-to-day coding activities be a part of the software architecture role?

Many software architects are master builders, so it makes sense to keep those skills up to date. In addition, coding provides a way for the architect(s) to share the software development experience with the rest of the team, which in turn helps them better understand how the architecture is viewed from a development perspective. Many companies have policies that prevent software architects from engaging in coding activities because their architects are “too valuable to undertake commodity coding work”. Clearly this is the wrong attitude. Why let your software architects put all that effort into designing software if you’re not going to let them contribute to its successful delivery?

Of course, there are situations where it’s not practical to get involved at the code level. For example, a large project generally means a bigger “big picture” to take care of and there may be times when you just don’t have the time for coding. But, generally speaking, a software architect who codes is a more effective and happier architect. You shouldn’t necessarily rule out coding just because “you’re an architect”."


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